How to be a nomad these days

Human beings are always a kind of nomads. We, in our earliest times, freely travelled from one area to the other following the seasons and tracking the stars while trying to live in groups, hunt and protect our families and tribes from the cruel attackers. This earth was the common for all to move on extensively, before the emergence of modern society, to cover hundreds of thousands miles of territories on seas and land.

But with the dawn of modern society most of us have been help by the state of rat race of being fittest t survive, remain engaged in pursuit of pleasure and to please our unexpected requirements to remain ahead of others. The intensity of this race increased after every decade and resultantly the treadmill of pursuit of pleasure has throttled and choked most of the leisures of life and the dreams of green fields.

Actually we spent lots of our energy, resources and time to find what we already have. The reason behind it is that we want to live like Americans, the motto of whose life is to pay later on after getting the things now. But this state of mind has motivated most of the people to be satisfied and content and made us unable to come out of the clutches of the debt and its 9-5 schedule.

Becoming a digital traveller

I have purely become wanderlust, a kind of travel detective, after travelling the globe since more than a decade. After travelling out of my comfort zone I am experiencing a stale life and want to travel freely like a bird. But it is very difficult to get that ability. If I am serious about living a leisure life then I will have to face lots of pain.

So I will have to live on passive income if I want to achieve my dreams to travel. Though I do not know the way to do it but still I have to do it. That is the main aim of my life along with a number of others, regardless of the cost I will have to pay for it.

The most important tool for finances that can provide you freedom from automatically getting monthly income without any problem is passive income. But it will also allow you to travel through the world as a digital nomad or make a modifiable schedule to pass time with your children and family so that you can work as per your own schedule or wish.



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